Honesty, integrity and craftsmanship - these three words define very well what Plum Shark wishes to convey with its music. What this means, first and foremost, is that the band’s main raison d’être is to write great songs, the focus being entirely on the quality of its musical offerings. Members of Plum Shark are constantly pushing themselves creatively, trying to get each new song to be better than the last.

This integrity and honesty transpires during the band’s live shows, as Plum Shark always gives highly energetic performances showcasing heart-felt renderings of its songs. Over the past few years, Plum Shark members have had the chance to hone their skills together playing in some of Quebec City’s most famous bars and clubs, including a fiery one and a half hour set at ‘La Casbah’ in August of 2011.

By keeping a DIY approach reminiscent of the Seattle scene, Plum Shark has been able to keep making music without any external pressure. This uncompromising approach lead to great songwriting and performances, for which the band has 2 records that speak for themselves. Moreover, Charles’ continuous work producing records under the Freelance Vision Records moniker has brought things to a new level, and great professionalism can be expected of the band’s next recordings.

As with any unsigned band, however, making music requires a tremendous amount of commitment and hard work. Formed in 2005, the band has met a few bumps in the road, but has always adapted, making the necessary lineup changes in order to keep the focus and dedication required to move forward.

Since the band’s original formation, guitarist/founder Charles Desjardins and vocalist Max Timothey have kept going strong, their chemistry undeniable. On top of that, the addition of Christian Cantin on drums has solidified the band’s core, with his great technique and experience. He also introduced a great asset to Plum Shark by bringing guitarist Patrick Mercier into the fold to fill in for founding member Phil Desjardins’ departure.

During the last personnel change, in which Plum Shark was joined by bass player Jeff Gagnon, the band took some time off to get two new songs on tape, only to leave them half-finished in order to rehearse its setlist with its new addition. These songs were recently brought back to life and will be released early 2012. Meanwhile, the band is currently finishing up a few songs and preparing to record its 3rd album, which should be the next, greatest step in its journey.

All-in-all, we could very well say that Plum Shark is the best band you’ve never heard about, and the guys hope to change that in the coming months…