Plum Shark Releases the Off Limits Single

Plum Shark Releases the Off Limits Single

October 7th, 2013

Off Limits
After a long time waiting in the archives, Plum Shark's latest single, Off Limits, has finally been released!

The recording sessions for this two-song offering started more than three years ago, while the band was looking for a new bass player. The project was recently revived and finished, with mixing and mastering taking place in April 2013.

The music is dark and gloomy, and makes for a brooding experience. There is a sense of urgency coming from the compositions that makes them a tad unnerving. Songs turn out to be more concise, direct and to the point than previous efforts from Plum Shark but still display the wide range of dynamics that you've come to expect - loud and soft, heavy but containing plenty of sensibility.

A Little History
This project started in August 2010, when the band was looking for something constructive to do while looking for a new bass player. With two new songs that did not really fit the mood of the 3rd album (that was in progress at the time), they had the idea to record and release them separately. Drum tracks were rapidly recorded, during the course of a weekend, and guitars were recorded throughout the following fall.

However, before the guitar tracks and vocals could be completed, the band put the project on hold as they had found their bass player in Jeff Gagnon. With him, they started rehearsing the band's catalog for their live show and also worked on writing more songs for the as-of-then unfinished 3rd album. It was more than a year later that the band decided to work on this some more.

Vocals were recorded in January 2012 and a few rough mixes were done. But it was almost a year later, while the pre-production of its third album was well underway, that Plum Shark decided to finalize these songs. Jeff added the bass parts, and some keyboards and guitar overdubs were added to make the single complete. Mixing was done the following spring (2013) and the single was finally mastered in April.

What we know for sure is that the band's records have never sounded this good. Yet. And this is only a taste of what's to come...

The greatest part of this story is that we are offering the Off Limits single for FREE! That's right - it is a FREE download. If you like it, you can contribute and pay what you want, be it $2, $5, $10, $1507.34 or even more - you decide! Most importantly, we invite you to share this message with all the people you know!

So... what you have all been waiting for - you can download the Off Limits single for free HERE!

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